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In a small percentage of people with cancer, the disease is due to a different type of mutation called a hereditary mutation, or germline mutation. These mutations are usually inherited from one or both parents, and are present in nearly every cell of the body. The majority of cancer is caused by the things we are exposed to and what we put in our mouths and on our bodies.

Alkaline foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and root vegetables are all broken down into short-chain fatty acids that contain prebiotic nutrients that nourish good bacteria in your gut. These good bacteria help decrease inflammation throughout your body that might otherwise contribute to cancer. While foods such as refined sugar and flour, as well as too much saturated animal fat, create an acidic environment in your gut (they’re difficult to digest).

Live Blood Cell Analysis reveals that red blood cells then lose their electrical charge and stick together, hindering their ability to deliver oxygen to the body. This oxygen depleted environment is where cancer thrives.

Too much acidity in the body can be caused by poor digestion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, also with a diet high in sugar, coffee, alcohol, fried foods. I’m a firm believer, as humans, we should eat mostly plants and some meat. This is complicated living in US because the FDA has stake in the meat industry. The wheat and corn fields are not for humans, they are for animals to be eaten as food. Not only that, fast food is everywhere and makes it way too convenient for us to grab a bite out vs. making homemade meals. (Check out my notes on the documentary In Defense Of Food)

  • Increase your antioxidants and fiber by adding fruits, veggies, fresh legumes, root veggies and healthy nuts to your diet.

Change is typically not an easy thing to do, but take one thing at a time if you need to, and slowly get your body in a healthy state of wellness.