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This documentary had a profound impact on me. So much so that I wanted to share my notes with you. While I tried to take good notes when I watched this, I could not capture everything that was discussed. I highly recommend you watch it yourselves when you have time…..

The mind-body emotions, relationships, sensory experiences, sound, touch, sight – all these senses are windows to our inner pharmacy.

We have to get to the root cause of our disease if we are going to find freedom from it.

If we change our perception: our mind, change my belief about life, we change the signals that are going in and adjusting the function of the cell. Tonic thoughts produce tonic chemicals and toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals.

Geologist Gregg Braden says, “The best science of our time is now showing that every organ in the human body has the ability to heal itself given the right environment. Even the organs we were told could not, so the spinal cord, brain tissue, heart tissue, pancreatic tissue, prostate tissue. All of these organs are actually dsigned to repair and heal themselves under the right conditions. What are the right conditions? Some are environmental, like water and air, quality of food. Some are chemical like the supplements we take, some are herbal products that our ancestors understood. What really fascinates me is the inner environment. This is the environment that the Buddha talked to us about. ‘Every man and woman is the architect of their own healing and destiny.'”

Marianne Williamson, “Our immune system is the way the body corrects the hits we take. There is a natural intelligence that leads the cells from the embryo to the baby, and acorn into an oak tree. We would not have been able to evolve if without having a mechanism which allows us to take a hit. That’s what disease and injury is – you took a hit. But the immune system is the way the body corrects.”

The inteligence that’s gives us life, that’s keeping our heart beating and digesting our food, that runs throught the autonomic nervous system – This is the greastest healer. We just have to get out of the way.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Founder/Director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in California, says the ultimate cause of disease is stress.

Dr. Joan Borysenco (Psychoneuroimmunologist) says “90% of the things that cause people to go to the doctor is stress related illnesses.  And they leave with antidepresants and any other medications.”

There are three basic kinds of stressPhysical stress: accidents, injuries, falls, or traumas. Chemical stress: bacterial, viruses, hormones, foods, hangovers, blood sugar levels, and metals.  Emotional stress: Family tragedies, loss, job, finances.  All of these things knock our brain and body out of balance. 

Bruce Lipton, PhD stem cell biologist. “When we perceive a threat -activating the adrenal system – fight or flight, we want 100% of energy to run away from the tiger.” 

Peter crown, Mind and performance coach, Ayurveda practitioner. “Fight or flight is no longer a wild animal it’s your spouse, your children or other family members, or rent that’s due. Yet our system reacts the same way as though it’s a life threatening situation and our adrenals release cortisol and adrenaline/noradrenaline.”

After running the fight or flight system all of time, we are immobilizing resources from our gut, from our elimination system, our immune system, and our higher brain centers and putting that energy into our muscles to fight for our lives.  Memory and concentration are down, digestion is down, we can’t eliminate toxins properly, and the immune system is compromised.  Chronic issues arise under these conditions. 

Stress hormones inhibit the immune system. For example, organ transplant patients are injected with stress hormones so their immune system doesn’t reject the transplant. 

In today’s world, the stressors are 24/7. When a virus breaks out, it creates stress and chaos, which lowers our immune systems. The chemistry of fear leads to illness and disease.

In 1925 quantum physics was discovered. It says that invisible energy that’s out there, that we did not talk about and account for in medicine, turns out that our perception of what’s just a physical body, is an illusion. There’s nothing physical at all it’s all energy.   Quantum physics helps us understand that the invisible forces that we’ve not been accounted for, turns out to control everything.  It includes mind, consciousness and this is why we have supreme power over our biology.  Thought is invisible energy from our mind that shapes our bodies and our relationships. 

We need to find the space where we have clear and utter clarity.  Then we can see how every decision we make is often out of fear.   (Fear of dying, pain, failure…)

Kelly Turner,phd, has been studying and researching radical remissions for over 10 years. “It started with a trip around the world to interview radical remission survivors (from all walks of life) in all different countries. There have been radical remission, verified and reported for every single cancer type. People with pancreatic cancer, stage 4 lung cancer, inoperable brain tumor… people healed from it. When I looked at the data, all of these people were using 9 matching factors to get well:

  • Radically changing your diet.
  • Taking control of your health.
  • Following your intuition.
  • Using herbs and supplements.
  • Releasing suppressed emotions.
  • Increasing positive emotions.
  • Embracing social support.
  • Deepening your spiritual connection.
  • Have a strong reason for living.

Only 2 are physical – The rest are mental, emotional and spiritual. There really is a way to activate the immune system with our mental/ emotional work. This deserves to be studied and there’s somehting incredible to learn here.”

MD. Kelly Brogan always believed “that perfect health was only one prescription away.” Then she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis because of extreme fatigue, brain fog, forgetfulness.  It was new to her because she had only ever been trained to dismiss alternative medicine, but she went to a naturopath doctor (ND). She went because she knew conventional medicine had nothing to offer her. She knew there was no way she would ever get out of having a chronic illness with a conventional doctor. “So of course I put into remission in six months what would have been a chronic, lifelong disease.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith – Founder of agape int. spiritual Ctr – “We have a sick care system where doctors and insurance companies are treating symptoms vs. the root cause, by which they then give a drug, which then has a side effect, and so it keeps on spinning. More toxicity, more disease, more ill health. The cycle keeps going.” 

Bruce Lipton, PhD says, “Conventional medicine is tied up in an old belief system, is locked into the cause of illness, is tied to our genetics and biochemistry. Therefore the pharmaceutical industry is the great savior because they make the chemistry that should bring us back to good health.  It turns out – there are so few diseases that are actually organic.  In fact 100% of diabetes type 2 has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with lifestyle.  90% of cardiovascular disease has nothing to do with anything that’s organically wrong with a person, it’s the consequence of dealing with stress. Medical medicine does miracles with trauma. Physical hurt, like a car accident and you need surgery. Most diseases are from stress.”  

Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD. and pioneer in integration medicine, says “Pharmaceuticals and medical doctors are necessary at times – approximately 10% of the time with acute illnesses.  Otherwise, if you have a chronic illnesses like cancer, or heart disease, use a holistic approach. That means mind, body, emotions, energy healing, or distant healing. Anything that influences your experiences with mind, body, or emotions.

So anything like emergency or acute illnesses, injury or infection – we might just need a quick fix. Thankfully we have advance technology. But with chronic illnesses, they’ve developed overtime, so the quick fix model won’t work – and we have to get to the root cause to make a change.

Anthony William, Medical medium and author. Age 4 “spirit” (the voice he heard) said to him “hands on grandma’s chest.” Then said  “pronounce lung cancer.” Turns out she had it. He now helps others get to the root cause.

He says, “The reason they call it autoimmune disease is because we don’t know the cause of the symptoms, illness, or disease.  Look into psoriasis, exzema, multople sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis – all cause unknown. What’s happening is there’s a pathogen involved, something causing the symptom like a toxin or pathogen.  Then the body tries to protect you from it. The key to getting rid of it is knowing how to use certain herbs and foods. It’s really important to know about the foods – to know what starves it. 

Turning to nature and food as medicine is key to a healthy life and longevity.  Treating toxins and pathogen’s with diet and herbs is key to both physical and mental health.

Mark Emerson, DC, CCSP, “We have more bacteria in our bodies than human cells and they are constnatly cleansing us, stimuating immuity, building vitaimins, and keeping pathogens out of our system. The majority of them live in our gut and we call this is our microbium. If someone’s microbium gets killed off, for various reasons, mostly bad diet, stress, medications, you can kill of enought of the that microbium where the actual inestinal wall starts to get injured.

If your intestinal wall starts getting holes in it, junk is bleeding into your bloodstream, and then going all over your body. The key is removing the offending items by fixing the diet and get healed.

The whole-food -plant-based diet is really an unprocessed, predominantly plant-based food. What does that mean? That means, vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legumes…all the foods that are nutrient rich.

When we stimulate the immune system, remove the offending things we are doing to ourselves every day, you heal way faster than it took to get in the disease process. That’s the beauty of healing.”

Mental and physical 

David R. Hamilton, PhD. “When you test a drug, say you give 100 people the drug, but you also have to give 100 people a placebo. It’s not uncommon to see the placebo group improving up to 75% because they think they are taking the drug. What we see here is belief itself shifts biology. I don’t think that’s taught enough in medical skills.”

How is it, we can give someone a sugar pill, a saline injection, or some false surgery and a certain percentage of those people will accept, believe and surrender to the thought their getting the actual drug and they begin to program their autonomic nervous system to make their own pharmacy of chemicals to match the chemical they thing they’re taking. So, is it the inert substance that’s doing the healing, or is it the bodies innate capacity to heal?

The placebo affect shows the benefit of positive thinking. So, what’s the consequence of negative thinking? It’s equally powerful in influencing your life, but it works in the opposite direction. While a placebo (positive thinking) can cure you of anything, a nocebo (negative belief) can cause any illness and death – just because you believe it.

Dr. Michael Beckwith, “We give too much authority to someone in a white coat. We throw our power away when we simply let a doctor tell us the treatment is something like a pharmaceutical.   We need to take control of our own health.  (Fear factor of western medicine) We give our power away. It doesn’t mean you don’t go to a doctor or you don’t follow good medical advice, but when we give ourselves over to an external authority figure, we become a victim twice: to the condition and diagnosis that’s happening to you and to an authority figure telling you what’s going to happen in your life.” 

Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD., “You can believe the diagnosis but don’t believe the prognosis.  Prognosis is when somebody says you have three months to live or 60% of people die in six months. It’s like telling what the avg temp is in a county.  Depends on where you live.” He says it’s like telling the average temperature of the year.  

Dr. Joe Dispensa – “It’s important for people to understand in a diagnosis, if you fall prey to the prognosis, without considering that there are other options, that you have to do something different, make new choices, get beyond certain emotions (like fear) and overcome limited thinking, more possibilities open up as a result of your own personal changes. Magical things start to appear in a persons life.”

Spiritual psychologist- (Deanna) “Instead of the goal of being ok with dying, I started seeing miracles.  Think of chemo as Pac-Man eating every cancer cell – or whatever it is.

The power of belief is almost everything. What we believe and think is telling our immune system to stop and not work (because of stressors) or relax and if there’s anything that needs to be cleaned up, we’ll clean it up. You’re either in fight or flight or in rest and repair.”  

Gregg Braden, “When we have an emotion within our heart, that emotion sends a signal to our brain. The quality of the signal determines what the brain does in response to the emotion. If it is a nice, smooth wave (coherence), the brain will match that smooth, even, organized chemistry, it will release the chemistry that supports life into our body. This is when our immune system becomes really strong.

On the other hand, when we feel stress, jealousy, rage, hate, or fear, the signal looks different. It’s unorganized, jagged waves going from the brain to the body. It creates stress chemistry”

We become more acidic when under stress, this is when inflammation occurs. It’s a reactive way to pump more blood to help healing, but inflammation is fire. Fire destroys.

Dr. Michael Beckwith, “All forgiveness is self-forgiveness because the forgiveness we hold toward another person, these thoughts are held with in me. These affect many things including blood chemistry. When I forgive and let go, I’m releasing the unforgiveness so that I’m actually forgiving myself.

When it comes to stress, the tool that helps us is meditation. It’s been around for 1,000s of years. It shuts down the flight or fight response and stimulates the parasympathetic system to increase relaxation and shutting down. That’s what heals.

We wake up in the morning and take a shower because we want to start the day with a clean slate. Same goes for if you start with the newspaper or electronics… first thing in the morning, then our minds start off with stress. If we meditate first, we give our mind a clean slate.

This is the gist, but there’s more, so watch this documentary!