Bring Down The Walls Around Your Heart - Claudia LeBaron Islas ...

I’ve been struggling with chest/upper back pain and a suppressed immune system for over a year now – with no real answers. Recently I had the privilege of working with a doctor who educated me on the heart wall. Turns out, I have one. Actually, my heart wall comprised 98 past emotions/memories that my heart was hanging onto and I had no idea this was even a thing. Some of these, my brain remembers, but many of them it did not. Although my brain neurons have suppressed them, my heart neurons remember. Hence the discovery & release of the source of my issues!

heart wall is built by the subconscious mind after loss or we’ve been hurt, in order to protect us from being hurt again. It is made from bits and pieces of negative energies from past unhealed traumas.

Our subconscious uses these suppressed emotions and memories as brick and mortar to construct that energetic force field around our heart.

When the heart wall is removed, there is an immense shift in our lives: spiritually and emotionally. It’s a feeling that we can start living without fear and illness, and begin being creative, and compassionate.

If you don’t have inner peace, feel like you often have to manually breath, feel the burden of life, or you aren’t truly socially connected and have a sense of belonging, you may have a heart wall. I highly recommend Dr. Bradley Cooper’s book The Emotion Code.

To get you started now, check out his video on understanding the heart wall.

As you will see in Dr. Cooper’s video, there are things we can do at home to identify/rectify some of these walls. I happen to have an ND who is also gifted in helping others remove the walls fairly quickly. If you live in the Indianapolis area, I’m happy to share my source.

Dr. Cooper is currently offering a free starter kit if you’d like to check it out.

For Christians, Jews, … who question this kind of healing of the heart wall, here is an article from a Christian perspective I found interesting.