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Cancer has long inspired fear, but know there are options. You just need to be thorough in your research.

Cancer has historically been viewed as a disorder of rapid reproduction of a cell. Recent evidence has suggested that it should also be considered a metabolic disease. Growing tumors rewire their metabolic programs to meet and even exceed the bioenergetic and biosynthetic demands of continuous cell growth. 

Emerging studies have begun to demonstrate that mitochondrial metabolism is potentially a fruitful arena for cancer therapy.

I want to share with you 2 people of interest when it comes to your researching cancer protocol options: Dr. Greg Nigh, ND and Maria Zilka, NTP. I first met Dr. Nigh and Maria in 2013 when I moved to Portland, Oregon. Dr. Nigh was practicing naturopathic medicine and also had been working with cancer patients. Maria was practicing nutrition therapy as well as working with cancer patients alongside Dr. Nigh. I remember Maria telling me, “Half an apple a day is too many carbs/sugar for a cancer patient.” I will never forget those words and will continue to share it with others because I firmly believe it to be true.

Now Dr. Nigh and Maria work together at Immersion Health. The cancer treatment program at Immersion Health, under the direction of Dr. Greg Nigh, offers cancer patients a unique set of therapies with a singular focus: make the body hostile to the presence of any cancer cells. This is accomplished through a combination of 5 different types of therapy brought together.