I’m not sure there’s a healthy answer for trick-or-treating. I wish we all gave out dark chocolate, little erasers, rubber balls and other small toys, but most people do not. My kids LOVE Halloween! For both the candy and the dressing up and walking the neighborhood with friends. I too have fond memories of this.

I want to share my solution on preventing overeating of candy. Someone shared the “Sugar Fairy” with me years ago, before I had kids and I have done it every year since they were old enough to trick-or-treat and eat the candy. Pictured above, my sweet babes a few years ago placing their bags of candy in the tree.

You see, the Sugar Fairy only eats candy. In order for her to survive, children must give her their candy by placing their bags in or under a tree. To show her appreciation, she leaves them a small present under the tree.

Depending on their age, I allow them to have a few pieces of candy to keep. They absolutely love this tradition. Try it and see if your kiddos will love it too.

To donate candy (that must go missing because the Sugar Fairy took it), there is a program that sends candy to first responders around the country called Operation Gratitude.